Xboxone独占体感游戏《Kinect功夫》1.20版本更新推送 优化Kinect捕捉精准度修复任务BUG

在上个月末发售的Xboxone独占体感游戏《Kinect功夫Kung-Fu for Kinect》上市半个月以来,收获了广大喜爱体感玩家的一致好评,我们“游戏早知道”也给出该作85分的评分和S级强烈推荐的购买建议。在大家热火朝天游戏的同时,专注于体感游戏开发的Virtual Air Guitar工作室也没闲着,在近期对游戏中的一些BUG和游戏体验进行了修复,尤其是针对Kinect捕捉方面的优化。

本次 《Kinect功夫》推送的更新版本为1.2版本,最主要的更新为:1.提升对近距离的动作侦测;2.优化出拳动作捕捉,减少动作识别遗漏;3.提升在移动和踢腿的动作捕捉,强化动作流畅性;除以上3点还对任务中的BUG进行了大量的修复、部分任务要求难度有所降低。


  • Improved somersault detection, especially at close quarters!
  • Better hit detection – no more missed punches!
  • Improved player movement – punches and especially kicks move you around better now. Combined with better somersaults, moving around levels is easier now.
  • Enemy dodges and blocks are shown – now it’s clear when smart enemies avoid your attacks.
  • Red Zombies are actually interesting now! After a triple combo, they fall back and perform a dangerous rage attack.
  • Kicks can now lift weaker enemies into the air!
  • Fixed bug where kicking across with your rear leg didn’t deal any damage.
  • Show “Hit harder!” when the game detects an attempt to punch that isn’t strong enough to deal damage.
  • Very short and very tall players are scaled slightly so they don’t have to punch upwards or downwards to reach enemies.
  • The totem pole in the Tribal Village level now shows that it needs to be zapped with lightning, in case the tutorial was missed.
  • When you hit an enemy with the Magic Bow, the distance is now shown.
  • Various minor visual improvements: Beefier effects for Ground Shaker and Damage Boost, Shadow Kuang explodes, etc.
  • Zombies now dig up from the ground so they don’t have to shamble so far to reach the player.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t proceed into gameplay on a blank profile after selecting Chapter 1: Play Comic and then pressing Back in the Select Difficulty menu.
  • Fixed bug where ninjas could get hit while supposedly dodging.
  • Fixed rare bug where enemies could sometimes warp several meters ahead.
  • Fixed bug where Health Bonus obelisks in Mushroom Forest I were placed in inaccessible locations.
  • It’s now possible to hit the Big Inkling Beast while it’s running.
  • Fixed bug where enemies wouldn’t spawn in the Tribal Village level.
  • Fixed bug in the menus where, if you moved your hand away immediately after pressing a button, the button press didn’t do anything even if it was visualized.

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